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Advice and Support

Helping support the deaf dog community

Deaf Dogs Rescue Australia are continually working with international and local deaf and general dog networks to ensure our combined resources can provide advice and support to deaf dog owners everywhere.

We know having your first deaf dog brings all sorts of challenges with the way people are used to interacting and training dogs. We firmly believe deaf dogs are capable of everything hearing dogs are, just we need to approach our interactions with them differently to cater for their deafness.

See our Blog page also for advice, support and training ideas.

The following pages might also be helpful:

Deaf Dogs Rock 

Keller's Cause - Deaf and Blind Dog Training

My Deaf Dog New Group Facebook

Spirit of Deaf Dogs

The Deaf Dog Network Facebook

If there is another group or website you want to recommend please let us know.

Advice and Support: What We Do
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