Karemie's story - Adopting deaf dogs with no regrets

By Karemie Williams, edited by Hayleigh Sinclair In October 2015, a friend of mine found a dog on her family’s property looking very skinny with a broken rope around his neck. Under the assumption he had been abandoned at the nearby rubbish dump at the age of 7 months, he had chewed through the rope he had been tied up with somewhere and left to die. My friend then contacted me about this discarded dog, determined to help find him a good home. She sent me a photo and I decide

Chicane's story - Things I learned from having a deaf dog

My deaf dog is now six years old, it doesn’t seem that odd to me that I have a deaf dog who is obedience trained. I don’t recall it being that difficult but obviously, I had to change some things in the way I communicated, and I had to be far more considered and consistent. One thing that has surprised me about having a deaf dog is the questions, they are mostly the same. Firstly; is collar says he is deaf, so the first question is usually: • Is he really deaf… yes he is, the