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Fly4Paws - Aviation rescue heroes

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Thomas Prell - taking rescue to the air

Thomas Press in action

Fly4Paws was founded by Thomas Prell in 2017 as a combined result of his aviation experience and his love for animals. The not-for-profit organisation connects volunteer pilots and their aircraft (owned or leased) with animals from rescue organisations across Australia. Fly4Paws is not a rescue group itself, but rather it provides the air transport through volunteer aviators and the rescue organisations who are relocating animals to their foster homes across Australia.

Fly4Paws extends its service to provide flights for urgently required animal medical supplies to remote areas and transporting vets to remote areas where animals can’t be moved in urgent need of medical attention.

At present, transport is conducted predominantly by road which in some cases can be in excess of 10 hours. Air transport is currently conducted by commercial carriers (at cost), but can only reach major airports or larger regional ones. Fly4Paws has the ability to connect volunteer pilots with their General Aviation aircraft that can land at almost any airfield in Australia.

The pilots, who volunteer their time, effort and aircraft to transport the animals, come from various backgrounds, including general aviation, commercial and defence.

Rescue organisations can now connect with a greater community and most importantly, because flight times are much shorter than ground transport times, it greatly reduces the stress on the animals.

Volunteer ground transport to and from the airfields, animal transport containers and other special requirements for the animals will be arranged and provided by the rescue organisation. Fly4Paws will organise and coordinate the flights, negotiate possible landing fee exemptions and possible fuel discounts. The whole sequence will be a seamless organised transition from the animal’s shelter to the new foster home.


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